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Different ways to reach us and stay informed.

There are several ways to stay informed about what’s happening — across the district and in your club’s local neighborhood.

Follow Us on Social Media

District 101 is active on various social media channels. Follow us to keep up-to-date on activities, including blogs, educationals, programs, membership, podcasts, events, and more.

Attending and Viewing Events

Meetup: District 101 creates Meetup on Meetup for many of the educational programs, workshops, and contests that take place throughout the year.

In addition, using the district-paid Meetup account, your club events can also be posted. Many clubs have found Meetup to be very successful in attracting guests, both for regular club meetings as well as for special events like open houses. Once you join the District 101 Meetup page, you can request to create an event using this request form.

YouTube Channel: Especially now that many of the educational sessions and workshops are taking place online, these events have been recorded for members to revisit, whether or not they attended in person. Videos are categorized into playlists.

If you have videos that you believe would be valuable to share, such as a quick tip, please send an email to

Promoting Events and Meetings

Many of the events and workshops are advertised on various social media channels, as is the release of new content, including blogs, the district newsletter, the podcast, and the message from the district director. Follow these channels so you can keep up to date with district news, share posts with your friends, and engage with like-minded Toastmasters around the district.

Other Promotion Resources

For advice and tips about how your club can use its own website and social media channels to promote your club, and to learn about the districts PR programs and awards, visit the PR Resources page.

Check out the District Publications

Our Blog

The District 101 blog includes numerous articles about a variety of topics. You can even listen to several of these blogs as the authors narrate them. Here is a short sample of what’s in the blog:

  • District news
    Keep up with recent events, awards, recognitions, etc.
  • Club news
    Learn about club events and programs — even specialized programs within companies and communities.
  • Member achievements
    Hear about members who have accomplished something extraordinary — whether it’s for their club, the district, or the entire Toastmasters organization.
  • Tips and trips
    Gain insights from other members about how you can improve your personal development, both inside and outside Toastmasters.
  • Personal interviews
    Get to know fellow members by watching the new “Heart-to-Heart” conversations between Toastmasters.

Destination 101

Destination 101:  take a ride with us along Highway 101 to hear the latest news about District 101. In informal conversations, we will be featuring District leaders, who will also respond to member questions that come up as feedback after events, and you can also as questions yourself that may be selected for future episodes. You’ll also get to know members as they contribute to various initiatives. And we’ll even feature a little District 101 trivia and history! The podcast is available on a YouTube playlist, as well as on Spotify and, with more channel coming soon.

Heart to Heart Conversations

Heart to Heart Conversations: Currently, social distancing is a new norm. While we are surrounded by many amazing people, we realize we may have taken for granted that we can always learn about them. Now, we discover that we do not know their stories. Heart to Heart Conversations give us a platform where we get to know the stories of the amazing people around us. We get to know what shaped them into who they are today. Our goal is to foster deep connection and inspiration by presenting the stories you have not heard before. We are going to have a monthly release of the Heart to Heart Conversations with a different interviewee every month!

Contact a District Officer

Shyamala Sista

District Director

Kalpana Aroda, DTM

For questions about district leadership roles, contact the District Director at

Shyamala Sista

Program Quality Director

Abhijeet Joshi, DTM

For questions about educational awards, club officer training, contests, and district conferences, contact the Program Quality Director at

Yifang Xu

Club Growth Director

Raji Bandanapudi, DTM

For information about starting a new club, mentoring or coaching a club, or managing club dues, contact the Club Growth Director at

Bob Gulino


Bobby Dhingra, PM4; Bryan Dosono, PM5

For questions about the District 101 website, contact the web team at