Start a New Club

The process to form a Toastmasters group is simple – all of the materials are provided for you. Local leaders in Toastmasters will guide you through the process and will come to your organization and do a demonstration meeting. To charter a club, you’ll need a minimum of twenty members who want to improve their communication and leadership skills.


 •  One-time chartering fee to organize a club: $125 + tax: (total $135.00)
 •  New-member fee, which includes materials per person: $20
 •  Six months’ membership dues per person: $45

Types of Clubs

Toastmasters groups are formed every day in a variety of settings. Groups meet onsite at companies, churches, and community centers. We also have several themed clubs such as monolingual non-English clubs and bilingual clubs, as well as clubs which concentrate on specialties like storytelling or parliamentary procedure (see the list here). Additionally, you can let your entrepreneurial creativity flow and start any themed club.

Contact our Club Extension Chair at: with your idea and/or questions.