Club Officer Resources

A one-stop source for tips and tools.

The key to any successful club is its leadership, and a large part of the Toastmasters program is building leadership skills. Being an officer in a club is one of the most effective and rewarding ways to build your leadership skills and help your club be successful.

On this page you’ll find tips and tutorials to help you effectively serve the members in your club. These resources are not an alternative to attending a Club Officer Training twice per year, but will supplement the information provided at the COT to help you be more effective as a club officer.

  • Checklists for each Officer shows you what to plan for each month.
  • A List of Transferable Skills to develop while you are an officer.
  • The Club Central Tutorial helps you complete all your club business quickly online using Club Central.
  • The Club Calendar lets officers and members know what’s going on in Toastmasters throughout the year.
  • The PayPal Tutorial shows you how to setup the service to collect dues in your club.
  • The Club Leadership Handbook is the official Toastmasters International guide to the responsibilities of club officers as well as the resources that are available to help you be successful.
  • The Club Success Plan is a template to help you be successful as a club executive committee. It helps your team plan the: who, what, how, and when to achieve your goals. It should be completed by the club executive committee at the start of each Toastmasters year and reviewed regularly.  (Participation in the completion of a Club Success Plan is required for your officer term to count as credit towards the Advanced Leader Bronze award.)
  • The Distinguished Club Program and Club Success Plan from Toastmasters International can help you plan and set goals for your club to ensure you finish the Toastmasters year as a Distinguished Club.
  • Many free downloadable resources are available to members from Toastmasters International. Click here for a list of these resources and direct links to each one.
  • Hold an Open House to help build your club! Visit the Open House Resources page for tools to help you plan and carry out a great Open House.
  • Reference a list of Hundreds of Membership Building Ideas your club can utilize to attract and retain members.


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Club Officer Checklists

Club Officer Training Handouts

Club Central Tutorials

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