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Fast Lane News


We are excited to bring something brand new to our District: Fast Lane News! This page is dedicated to Clubs which have all Officers complete training by July 31, 2020 and all members enrolled in Pathways by September 30, 2020. We will feature this on a regular basis on our website and social media pages.

When your Club achieves these two goals, reach out to our Program Quality Director, Shyamala Sista, DTM. Share the following information:

  • Club Name
  • Any three highlights from the Club in 150 words or less (for example, member achievements, club achievements, or any special milestones).

Lucky 7



June-August 2020 Training Period
  • Join the Lucky 7 and earn $50 in District Credit by having all seven Club Officers attend Club Officer Training in the June-August period.


Contact our Program Quality Director, Shyamala Sista, at quality@d101tm.org

Questions? Contact our 2019-20 Membership Renewals Chair, Mythili Prabhu, at renewals@d101tm.org