Get Involved

Learning by Doing

The Toastmasters program offers several ways to participate, each providing a unique opportunity to explore your personal interests and expand your horizons.

Tour District 101 Clubs

Select your journey and collect stamps at each destination.

Youth Leadership Program

Give back to the community by helping young adults learn and grow.

There’s No Time Like the Present

Toastmasters is very much a “learn by doing” environment, and you don’t need to wait for an invitation to step up and get involved. Just go ahead and jump right into whatever piques your interest. There are many activities to choose from. As a member, you can develop your communication skills, become a better leader, meet new people, improve your feedback skills, expand your network, and so much more.

If you’re brand new to Toastmasters,
find your voice. Volunteer for one of the supporting roles — or maybe even a speaking role. The more opportunity you have to speak, the more you’ll improve your skills and grow your confidence.

If you’re a seasoned Toastmaster,
consider helping others by giving more evaluations, leading a workshop, or maybe even serving as an officer in your club or in the district.

If you’ve been inspired by your experience,
be an inspiration to others and Start a New Club. Whether it’s at your company or in your community, our district leaders are ready to help.

If you want to advance your career,
consider serving as a club or district officer. Giving back as an officer is a powerful way to improve your leadership skills and build self-confidence — which should both help you land that promotion or new position.  

Instead of watching people you’ve admired from afar, why not step into the opportunities to improve yourself? Explore. Engage. Enlist. Don’t be afraid to take on a new challenge.

Opportunities are available on many levels and disciplines throughout District 101. Whether you’re interested in checking out a club, polishing an existing skill, or learning something completely new, your participation in the “learning lab” is more than welcome.

Many Opportunities to Get Involved

Whether you’re focused on becoming a better speaker, would like to improve your leadership skills, or just want to give back to the community, Toastmasters offers a number of activities to help you with each of these goals.

Want to Improve Your Speaking Skills?

Continue your journey in Pathways:

Be a guest speaker in another club:

Take a tour of District 101 clubs:

Join Speakers for Stagetime program:

Want to Become a Better Leader?

Become a club or district officer:

See what other clubs are doing:

Sponsor or mentor a new club:

Mentor or coach a struggling club:

Sponsor a Youth Leadership Program:


Want to Give Back to the Community?

Sponsor a Youth Leadership Program:


Create and mentor a Gavel Club:

Sponsor or mentor a new club: