Heart to Heart Conversations

Welcome to Heart to Heart Conversations!

We are in a pandemic which is an unprecedented situation. We all miss the in-person connections with the amazing people around us. We crave human connection. Currently, social distancing is a new norm. While we are surrounded by many amazing people, we realize we may have taken for granted that we can always learn about them. Now, we discover that we do not know their stories. We do not know what shaped them into who they are today. Hence our connections are not as deep as we would like. One of the basic psychological human needs is connection with fellow human beings. It creates the sense of belonging and love.

Heart to Heart Conversations give us a platform where we get to know the stories of the amazing people around us. We get to know what shaped them into who they are today. Our goal is to foster deep connection and inspiration by presenting the stories you have not heard before. We are going to have a monthly release of the Heart to Heart Conversations with a different interviewee every month!

Abhijeet Joshi of Nspeak Toastmasters

Episode 2: Tasha Ford, DTM, interviews Alyson King, DTM

This episode is our tribute to Black Lives Matter. Alyson and Tasha pour their souls out in a heartfelt conversation, which will fill your heart with love and compassion.

Episode 1: Solarzar Dellaporte, DTM, interviews Michael Chojnacki, DTM

Solarzar unravels the beautiful life moments with a conversation with Michael Chojnacki. Michael shares the inspiration of how these life moments helped him grow as a human being.