Yukiko Ascue, ACG, ALB, PM1

Yukiko Ascue, ACG, ALB, PM1

Yuki is a Psychotherapist at the Santa Clara County Behavioral Health Department as well as a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher.  She and her husband Greg enjoy meditating in holy places in India. Not only is Yuki a member of 2 clubs, but she recently served as a Club Coach for MCA Club and is simultaneously pursuing the Legacy Toastmasters educational program as well as the Pathways program.

1) What prompted you to join Toastmasters and the club that you belong to?

I joined Toastmasters in May 2014 while I was doing my Yoga Teacher Training.  I had to do 10-minute and 45-minute presentations during the training.  I was nervous and felt my heart pound throughout my presentations.  I felt I needed to gain confidence and charisma when speaking in front of a group.  Also, I had been in the same position at work as a Psychotherapist for years and wanted to explore leadership potential in the organization.  For the last 1.5 years, I have had opportunities to do presentations about trauma transformed care with the Division Director at various clinics, which I truly enjoy doing.

My home club is Fair Oaks Toastmasters.  I joined Fair Oaks because it is geographically the closest club from my home.  I fell in love with Fair Oaks during my first visit.  I was greeted by 3 people as soon as I got in the room.  Everyone was friendly and eager to help.  I joined Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club in July 2016 to get more speaking opportunities.  Again, I fell in love with the club I visited.  It is much smaller than Fair Oaks.  Still, I like the family atmosphere of the club.

2) How has Toastmasters impacted your life?

Toastmasters has helped me feel confident in speaking in a group and motivated me to challenge myself.  I am more expressive and vibrant in general, thanks to Toastmasters.  By listening to speeches from people with various backgrounds and knowledge, I think my world view has expanded.

3) What is your current role in your club and notable accomplishments?

I am Immediate Past-President of both clubs.  I am serving as Area E2 Director starting July 1, 2018.  In April, I started as Club Coach for MCA Club in Santa Clara.  I would like to see many guests visit and become members.  Please visit MCA Club!  I earned ACG, ALB, and PM1 this past year.

4) What do you hope to gain out from Toastmasters?

I hope to continue improving my speaking and leadership skills and to keep challenging myself.  I also hope to generalize my skills more to my work settings.

5) Are there any additional personal thoughts that you would like to share?

When faced with challenges and obstacles, always remember the time you overcome them.  Anything is possible.  We just have to trust we can do whatever we are going to do.

Written by Hanh Chau