z-Leadership Recognition – Online Event

Our Leadership Recognition event (aka Leadership Luncheon in past years) recognizes the achievements of our District Leaders and Members for the 2019-2020 Toastmasters year.



Annual Awards 2019-2020

Club Recognition

President’s Distinguished Clubs

(Achieved 9-10 DCP goals)

AbbVie Bay Area Toastmasters

Adlibmasters Club

Amazon Cupertino Toastmasters

AMD Speak

Applied Materials Club

Aptos Club

ArtICCulators Club

Bayview Club

Big Basin Toastmasters

Broadcom-Orators Toastmasters Club

Cupertino Toastmasters

Excalibur Toastmasters Club

Fair Oaks Club

Great America Speakers

Intel Innovators

Laser Sharp Speakers

Los Gatos Toastmasters

Maxim Toastmasters

MIIS Toastmasters

Monterey Peninsula Toastmasters Club 934

Mountain View Toastmasters

Naval Postgraduate School Club

Next Step Toastmasters Club

North Valley Toastmasters

Now You’re Talk[In]


Optical Orators

Oratory Otters

Peninsula Pros Club

Public Speak Easy’s Club

San Jose Toastmasters Club

Santa Cruz Downtown Toastmasters

Santa Cruz Orators (SCO) Club

Saratoga Toastmasters Club


Silicon Valley JETS (Japanese English Toastmasters)

Silicon Valley Storytellers

Silver Tongued Cats

Speakeasy Monterey

Sunnyvale Speakeasies Club

Surf City Advanced Toastmasters

Switch-On Toastmasters Club

Talking Chips Club

TGIF Management Club

Toasters R Us Club

Toastmasters Insiders Club

ToastMeisters Club

Trendsetter Toastmasters

True Talking Toastmasters (TTT)

Vanguard Toastmasters

Wharton QuakeMasters

Xilinx Xpressionists Toastmasters Club

Select Distinguished Clubs

(Achieved 7-8 DCP goals)

Classy Toasters

Cupertino Morningmasters

Gilroy Toastmasters

Hot Buttered Toastmasters Club

Jetstream Toastmasters Club

Juniper Jabbers Club

Leadership 101, An Advanced Toastmasters Club

Macintalkers Club

Wry Toastmasters

Distinguished Clubs

(Achieved 5-6 DCP goals)

Adobe Fontificators Club

Almaden Valley Orators Club

Bay Blitzers

BD Flowmasters

Da Vinci Toastmasters

ITU Toastmasters Club

Jade Toastmasters



Toastmasters Lead [In] SV


Online Ovation Award – Gold Clubs

(Clubs allowing Online attendance that have achieved 6 Educational Goals*

First Street Speakers


Orbiters Toastmasters Club

Redwood Ramblers Toastmasters

Santa Clara SweetTalkers Toastmasters

Santa Cruz Toastmasters

Toast On Fire

Willow Glen Toastmasters

Online Ovation Award – Silver Clubs

(Clubs allowing Online attendance that have achieved 4 Educational Goals*

Interconnected Toastmasters

MCA Toastmasters Club

McAfee Rise and Shine Toastmasters Club

Morgan Hill Toastmasters

Silicon Valley Mandarin English Toastmasters

Spartans Toastmasters – SJSU

Steinbeck Club

Study Group Toastmasters

Talking Heads Toastmasters Club

Top Gun Toastmasters Club


* If your club already achieved distinction and also achieved Ovation Award, Kudos to you! Your club’s name is only mentioned in the distinguished category