Adopt a Club

Find clubs that need a coach.

What is the “Adopt a Club” Program?

The Adopt a Club program is a showcase of clubs that would like to find a Club Coach to give them a hand. This page provides a list of clubs that are looking for help.

To qualify for a Club Coach, your club should have less than 13 members. If your club falls below this threshold and you would like to be showcased on this page to find a Coach, please contact the Club Coach Chair at

If you’d like learn more about coaching a club, check out the “Coach a Club” page. Or if you’re ready to become a Club Coach, please contact the Club Coach Chair at

Does Your Club Need a Coach?

Clubs that want a coach want to grow. They are looking for ideas to reach out to their community and are also looking for ways to retain existing members. Often they’ll have fairly new members in officer positions and need guidance from an experienced Toastmaster. They need someone to provide help about how to run effective meetings, how to give effective evaluations, and how to delegate so that every member can help maintain the club.

The Adopt a Club program is all about showcasing these clubs so members can see how they can help.

Club Showcase

Showcase #1

  • Club Name: Friendly Toasters
  • Current Issue/Problem: The club lost members due to the COVID.
  • Possible Activities for Club Coach: The coach will guide the club members and officers about best practices to increase member retention and attract new members.
  • Club Strengths: The club’s members are very friendly and enthusiastic. Any guest who comes to the meeting is welcomed and feels to be a part of the group.