D101 Club Tour

A tour to invite guests, including members from other clubs, to visit Your Special Destination.

Destination 1:

Invite Travelers

Collect 10 stamps when 5 guests visit to celebrate your club anniversary


Collect 10 stamps by adding 1-3 members

Destination 2:

Lead the Wayl – Be a Tour Guide

Collect 10 stamps for each club coach / club mentor in your club


Collect 10 stamps for each member who has visited Destination 3

Destination 3:

Say it loud, say it proud!

Collect 20 stamps for all the members of the club who help Create a Successful Club Travel Campaign.

How Do I Create a Successful Club Travel Campaign?

  1. Identify your target audience
  2. Know and relate to the traveler’s TM journey
  3. Set campaign goals
  4. Create ads with your club’s image in mind
  5. Share what makes your club special
  6. Choose the right platform to advertise
  7. Measure your ads’ effectiveness
  8. Let us know by emailing pr@d101tm.org and growth@d101tm.org