Club Ambassador Program

Grow Your Comfort Zone

By organizing visits to other clubs, the Club Ambassador Program (CAP) helps both individual Toastmasters and clubs explore new opportunities and expand their horizons.

Why Be an Ambassador?

There are over 16,600 reasons why visiting different clubs makes sense.

Current Ambassadors

After completing a club visit, submit your post-visit report here.

The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) fosters the mutual growth of both individual Toastmasters and clubs by encouraging members to visit other clubs within or outside the district — or around the world.

For individuals, visiting other clubs provides an opportunity to explore other Toastmasters environments and gain new experiences and speaking opportunities. For clubs, hosting a club ambassador can energize meetings and share new ideas and viewpoints with its own members.

In addition to recognizing the best practices of club visits (as reported by club ambassadors), the Club Ambassador Program also presents awards to Toastmasters for making the most visits and to clubs for hosting the most visits.

Why Visit Another Club?

Being a club ambassador provides an opportunity to share your experience as a Toastmaster and can help the clubs you visit bring out the best in themselves. Moreover, you’ll learn new ideas and best practices and you can bring back to your own club. Simply put, the Club Ambassador Program creates opportunities to proliferate the best of Toastmasters.

Personal Benefits

  • Gain confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience.
  • Expand your horizon by meeting people and learning new things.
  • Get new ideas to bring back and rejuvenate your home club.
  • Gain more experience to become a club coach, mentor, or sponsor in the future.
  • Fill in a functionary or speaker role when the club needs help.
  • Exchange ideas with the host club to learn something new.

Awards and Prizes

  • Any member in good standing, including area and division directors, can participate.
  • No sign-up is necessary.
  • Earn 1 point for each individual club you visit within the district during the Toastmasters year. (You may visit a single club as many times as you wish. However, only 1 point will be awarded for that club.)
  • An area director and/or division director visiting clubs within their own area or division is not eligible to earn points for their visits.
  • To earn credit for a club visit, club ambassadors must submit a report within 7 days of their visit.
  • District 101 will recognize the Toastmasters with the most points and the clubs which have hosted the most ambassadors at district events.
  • In addition, the top-three Toastmasters who earn the most points will receive gifts at the end of the Toastmaster year.

Current Club Ambassadors

Many thanks to all of these amazing Toastmasters who are currently serving as club ambassadors.

Click here to view a list of current club ambassadors.
Our Club Ambassadors have made 70 visits including 22 visits to non-District 101 clubs: Lorraine Myers (18 points, 8 non-D101 visits), Kyle Wood (13 points, 11 non-D101 visits), Doris Tse (7 points), Satish Shenoy (5 points), Jay Mojnider (3 points), Cynthia Nakayama (2 points), Dan Rachlin (2 points), Jenny Liu (2 points), John Webb (2 points, 1 non-D101 visit), Stephen Nosek (2 points), Sue-May Lin (2 points), Abhijeet Joshi (1 point), Alyson King (1 point), Ashish Ahuja (1 point, 1 non-D101 visit), Beth Abidi (1 point), Faye Young (1 point), Gavin Wang (1 point), Koshy George (1 point), Matthew Lourie (1 point, 1 non-D101 visit), Ray Liu (1 point), Renee Yao (1 point), Yashpalsinh Gohil (1 point), and Yifang Xu (1 point).

Information current as of 1/23/2021.

Clubs that Have Recently Hosted Ambassadors

District 101 would also like to recognize all of clubs that have hosted club ambassadors.

Click here to view a list of recent hosting clubs.

6 visits:
ASML Silicon Valley Toastermasters

3 visits:
Great America Speakers, Intercontinental Toastmasters, SCUMBAT Toastmasters, Toastitnow, Women LEAD Toastmasters (Santa Clara, Ca), and Wry Toastmasters

2 visits:
Amazon Cupertino Toastmaters, City Shakers, Gilroy Toastmasters, Iintercontinental toastmasters, Jade Toastmasters, and Leadership 101

1 visit:
Adlibmasters, Agile Articulator, Amazon Lab126, Aruba Toastmasters, Bayview Toastmasters, Cathedral of Faith Toastmasters, Downtown Speechmakers, Evening Toastmasters Club, Excalibur Toastmasters, Fair Oaks Toastmaters, Global Toastmasters, I'm Just Sayin', Intel Innovators, Macintalkers, Next Step TM, Panthers Toastmasters, Parliamentarian Toastmasters, Peninsula Pros, Point Of Order, Toast R Us/587637, Wharton Quakemasters, and nspeak

Clubs Visited Beyond District 101:

Dell TMs (Texas), Friendly Toastmasters Club of Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Western Decibels (Irvine, CA), Haymarket (SCO, UK), AESOP'S FABLERS / 2591 (Sacramento, CA) (Sacramento, CA), Circular Quay, Australia (Australia), Eagle Idaho Toastmasters (Garden City, ID), Evening Stars (SF, CA), Great White North Online TMs (New York) (New York, NY), Greater Burlington Vermont (Vermont ), Greater North Stockton  (Stockton, CA), Greater Portland (South Portland, ME) (South Portland, ME), Gunma Japan (Japan), Limerick Toastmasters  (Limerick, Ireland), Poineer (Boise, ID), SF Cantonese/English TM (SF, CA), Superspace Toastmasters (Palo Alto, CA), ToSP in Maryland (Maryland), and Tox Talkz (LA, CA)

Ready to Become a Club Ambassador?

  • Pick any club you haven’t visited. Area and division directors can participate by visiting clubs outside their area or division.
  • Contact the club to confirm it is meeting on the published date/time/location.
  • Offer to take an assigned role or be a guest speaker.
  • Visit the club during one of its regular meeting.
  • Announce yourself as a club ambassador, promote the Club Ambassador Program, briefly explain its benefits, and encourage others to participate.
  • Observe the meeting details, participate fully, and take notes.
  • Take pictures (optional).


If you’d like to learn more or are considering becoming a club ambassador, please contact our Club Ambassador Program Chair at