Club Ambassador Program


The Club Ambassador Program (CAP) encourages visits to other clubs in the district and rewards the member’s growth through this exploration experience. Every visit to a new club is an opportunity to learn new practices to take back to your club(s) and share the best practices you already know.

We encourage members to visit any Toastmasters club wherever and whenever you are able to, including clubs throughout District 101, all over the country, or even around the world. In addition to recognizing the best practices reported by the Ambassadors, the Club Ambassador Program also awards the most visited clubs for their hospitality throughout the year.

District 101 Clubs Currently Meeting Online

Many clubs in District 101 are already meeting online. Feel free to join any of these Online Club Meetings as a Club Ambassador and continue to grow.

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Upcoming Club Open Houses

Support a club’s Open House event and visit to learn new ideas for your own club’s open house! Advertise your club’s Open House here by emailing!

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2019-20 Club Ambassadors

Our Club Ambassadors have made 139 visits including 43 visits to non-District 101 clubs: Kyle Wood (41 points, 24 non-D101 visits), Lorraine Myers (26 points, 12 non-D101 visits), Doris Tse (11 points), Joanna Tong (10 points, 2 non-D101 visits), Satish Shenoy (6 points), Catherine Nguyen (4 points, 2 non-D101 visits), Jay Mojnider (3 points), Chandana Kalluri (2 points), Cynthia Nakayama (2 points), Dan Rachlin (2 points), Jaymol George (2 points), Jenny Liu (2 points), John Webb (2 points, 1 non-D101 visit), Ray Liu (2 points), Sean Wang (2 points), Stephen Nosek (2 points), Sue-May Lin (2 points), Abhijeet Joshi (1 point), Alyson King (1 point), Ashish Ahuja (1 point, 1 non-D101 visit), Ashvin Patel (1 point), Beth Abidi (1 point), Cam Hoang (1 point), Carol Ashton (1 point), Donna Thurmon (1 point), Faye Young (1 point), Gavin Wang (1 point), Koshy George (1 point), Matthew Lourie (1 point, 1 non-D101 visit), Pradeep Aithal (1 point), Renee Yao (1 point), Shashi Handalgere (1 point), Srinivas Kunchala (1 point), Yashpalsinh Gohil (1 point), and Yifang Xu (1 point).

Information current as of 6/30/2021.

Thanks to all ambassadors!

Clubs Which Have Hosted Ambassadors

6 visits:
ASML Silicon Valley Toastermasters

4 visits:
Intercontinental Toastmasters, SCUMBAT Toastmasters, and Wry Toastmasters

3 visits:
Amazon Cupertino Toastmaters, City Shakers, Great America Speakers, Leadership 101, Toastitnow, VentriTalks, and Women LEAD Toastmasters (Santa Clara, Ca)

2 visits:
831 Storytellers, APTOS, Adlibmasters, Big Basin Toastmasters, Downtown Speech Makers, Gilroy Toastmasters, Iintercontinental toastmasters, Jade Toastmasters, VSF Toastmasters, Wharton Quakemasters, and nspeak

1 visit:
A2C, Agile Articulator, Amazon Lab126, Aruba Toastmasters, BD FlowMasters Toastmasters Club, Bayview Toastmasters, California Lion Toastmasters, Cathedral of Faith Toastmasters, Cupertino Toastmasters, Downtown Speechmakers, Evening Toastmasters Club, Excalibur Toastmasters, Fair Oaks Toastmaters, Global Toastmasters, I'm Feelin Chatty TM/#607909, I'm Just Sayin', Intel Innovators, Intuitively Speaking, MIIS Toastmasters, Macintalkers, Milpitas Toastmasters, Mogan Hill Toastmasters, Next Step TM, Nvidia International Toastmasters, Oratory Otters, Panthers Toastmasters, Parliamentarian Toastmasters, Peninsula Pros, Peninsula Pros, Point Of Order, QSpeak, Redwood Ramblers, Saratoga Toastmsters Club, Securely Speaking, Sierra 49ers, Silicon Valley Storytellers Club, Silver Tongued Cats, TGIF Management Club, Talking Chips, Toast R Us/587637, Vakpatugalu Club, , Valley Toastmasters, Valley Toastmasters, and Xilinx Expressionists

0 visits:

Clubs Visited Beyond District 101:

Western Decibels (Irvine, CA), Dell TMs (Texas), Friendly Toastmasters Club of Fort Lauderdale (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Haymarket (SCO, UK), La Defense TM Club (France), Rise and Shine Idaho Falls (Idaho), AESOP'S FABLERS / 2591 (Sacramento, CA) (Sacramento, CA), Circular Quay, Australia (Australia), Conservatively Speaking (WA), Eagle Idaho Toastmasters (Garden City, ID), Educationally Speaking Toastmasters/ (Las Vegas, NV), Emax Accord Toastmasters (Danville, CA), Esteemed Oakland 88 (Oakland, CA), Evening Stars (SF, CA), Food For Thought (Boise, Idaho), Great White North Online TMs (New York) (New York, NY), Greater Burlington Vermont (Vermont ), Greater North Stockton  (Stockton, CA), Greater Portland (South Portland, ME) (South Portland, ME), Gunma Japan (Japan), Harrovian Toastmasters, E (England), Highway Safety Toastmasters Club (Florida), Lakeview Toastmasters (Oakland), Limerick Toastmasters  (Limerick, Ireland), METC Mexican English Toastmasters Club (Mexico), Meridian Idaho Toastmasters (Meridian, ID), Northern Kentucky Toastmasters (Covington, KY), Northern Kentucky Toastmasters (Kentucky), Parliamentarian Toastmasters (Long Beach, CA), Peak Performance  (Wyoming), Poineer (Boise, ID), Prep Squad (Ramon, CA), Reveilliers  ( Sacramento , CA), Rock Ridge Toastmasters (Oak Ridge, TN), SF Cantonese/English TM (SF, CA), SRI Organon Club (Menlo Park, CA), San Mateo Toastmasters (San Mateo, CA), Santa Cruz Orators  (Santa Cruze, CA), Santa Monica Club (Santa Monica, CA), St. Alphonsus (Idaho), Superspace Toastmasters (Palo Alto, CA), ToSP in Maryland (Maryland), Toastmaster Academy Florence (Italy) (Italy), Tox Talkz (LA, CA), and eCommunicator (San Bruno, CA)


Who can become a Club Ambassador?

Any member in good standing, including Area and Division Directors.


What will YOU gain?

  • New ideas to bring back to and rejuvenate your home club
  • Confidence from speaking in front of unfamiliar audience
  • The satisfaction of helping in a meeting function
  • Recognition of your adventurous spirit while building our district inside out
  • Experience for becoming a club coach, mentor or a club sponsor in the future
  • New contacts and meaningful connections to promote your growth!


What will the visited CLUB gain?

  • New ideas from the ambassador
  • The ambassador may be interested in a dual membership into the visited club
  • More knowledge and confidence for the existing club members


What are the guidelines for the CAP Rewards Program?

  • Earn 1 point for each club visit within the Toastmasters year. (You may visit a club as many times as you wish; however only 1 point will be awarded regardless of the number of visits).
  • An Area Director or Division Director visiting a club within their own area or division (including featured clubs) are not eligible to earn points for their visit.
  • To earn credit for a club visit, Ambassadors must submit a report within 7 days of their visit.


How will YOU be recognized?

Toastmasters with the most points and the Most Hospitable Club will be recognized at district events, and may also be granted free admission to some of those events.

All entries for visits after July 1, 2019 will count towards the total point (or Most Hospitable Club) tally.

The greatest reward for everyone is the experience!


Ready to be an Ambassador?

Find a club

Before you go:

  • Pick any club you haven’t visited. Area and Division directors can participate by visiting clubs outside of their area or division
  • Contact the club to confirm it is meeting on the published date/time/location. Offer to be assigned a role or to be a guest speaker and included in the meeting agenda
  • Visit the club during a regular meeting
  • Announce yourself as an Ambassador, promote the CAP, its benefits and encourage others to follow
  • Observe the meeting details, participate and take notes
  • Take pictures, too (optional)

Submit a report

After your visit:

  • Submit your report as soon as possible after your visit (the same day is best)
  • List the observed best practices, areas of improvements and what you would implement in your own club.
  • If you’ve taken pictures, send them to
  • Visit more clubs! Get rewarded for your service! Above all, have fun exploring!

Growth comes from the quality of the experience! Start today!


Contact our Club Ambassador Program Chair at