Candidates for District 101 Elected Positions for 2023-24

Candidate for District Director

Abhijeet Joshi, DTM

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As Goethe wrote, ‘Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.’ 

My Toastmasters experience was transformed by the launching pad provided by our past district director, Pavan Datla. Inspired by his example, my vision is to foster synergies by developing strong connections, growth, support, and camaraderie between members. 

My mission is to empower and support leaders within all clubs, creating an environment of growth and teamwork through investment in leadership development and team building initiatives. 

I firmly believe together we grow. Together, we can bring our district to new heights and create a thriving community. 

With your vote and continued support, I am excited to apply my passion and skills to serve as District 101’s District Director for the 2023-2024 Toastmasters year and make our vision a reality.


Candidates for Program Quality Director







Raji Bandanapudi, DTM

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The most fulfilling aspect of being a Toastmaster has been witnessing the growth of members and being a part of their journey. During my term as Club Growth Director, I initiated, established, guided, and mentored clubs, supporting members in realizing their full potential.

As the Program Quality Director, I will maintain these meaningful connections with members and work closely with clubs to ensure our educational programs are top-notch, captivating, relevant, and efficient in aiding our members’ objectives. Additionally, I firmly believe that empathy is crucial to creating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and encouragement. I will strive to ensure that every member feels heard, valued, and supported.

My goal is to create a culture of education and empathy where clubs are always empowered and supported, and every member in our district has access to high-quality educational sessions and resources that cater to their unique needs.


As a candidate for Program Quality Director, I bring extensive leadership experience, having served as Area Director, Division Director, PR Manager, Club Mentor, and earning the honor of Division Director of the Year in 2020. Excited to continue my learning journey and make a positive impact.

 My vision is to develop new leaders and enhance club quality through innovative events and initiatives. I am committed to providing comprehensive training and support to help members reach their full potential. I will foster a culture of excellence through regular evaluations and mentorship programs, working closely with club officers and providing resources for member engagement.

I am excited about the potential for growth and improvement within our district and getting our members to step out of their comfort zone, grow, and transform. With your support, I am eager to empower our members, improve club quality, and foster a vibrant and inclusive Toastmasters community.



Candidate for Club Growth Director

Jaymol George, CC, DL5, EC5

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“It is in giving that we receive” resonates with me, particularly through my experience in Toastmasters Leadership. As I continue to take on greater responsibilities, I have come to realize that leadership is not about me or my title, but about serving others and helping them succeed in reaching their goals. We are all part of a larger team, and this understanding motivates me to see the bigger picture beyond myself.

As a Club Growth Director, I see myself as your partner in helping struggling clubs by providing club coaches, finding new leads, mentoring new clubs, and working with you to develop membership building strategies that can help every club thrive. I believe that by serving others, we can all learn and grow as communicators and leaders.

I humbly ask for your vote, and I look forward to serving alongside you in this journey towards personal and collective growth.


Candidate for Division A Director

Helen Josephine, IP5, PM4, VC2

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“How can I help?”, is my personal and professional mantra. I became a librarian to help others succeed in finding information and gaining knowledge. In Toastmasters, I help members succeed and clubs grow through my leadership and mentoring. I volunteer at a non-profit public garden, helping visitors enjoy the garden and helping the Board of Directors plan for the future.

This past year, as an Area Director for Division A, I worked to help clubs grow and offer programs to benefit members. Our team organized the combined Area Spring contests and the Division A contest.

My vision is to strengthen club and member connections by mentoring Area Directors, enabling team building, and empowering the Division A team. As a result, clubs will grow and succeed with shared goals and strong leadership, and members will achieve their goals with the support and commitment of their clubs.

How can I help you?

Candidate for Division G Director

Hrishikesh Gokhale, EC5, MS4

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Toastmasters is an excellent platform to hone one’s communication and leadership skills. It provides you ample opportunities to accept challenges and serve fellow members.

I truly believe accepting challenges and serving others make oneself humble and wise.

In my Toastmasters journey so far after wearing hats of Area Director, Logistics Manager and Club Officer I have helped multiple community, corporate and institution clubs to grow, interact and achieve excellence.

I am thrilled by stepping up for a new challenge of leadership and serve larger pool of members taking role of Division Director.

“My aim is to create pool of leaders to sustain need of Toastmasters fraternity.”

“My vision is to enable synchrony between members for strong connection, growth and respect.”

“My mission is to establishing rapport between clubs to deliver consistently high-quality meetings.”

Candidate for Division B Director

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Candidate for Division E Director

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