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May 7-8, 2022

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District 101 Annual Conference – “The Power Within You” concluded successfully on May 8th at 3:00 p.m.

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The Power Within You! – D101 Conference


Ready to up your game in writing humorous, engaging content? Sharpen you improv skills? Thinking of launching your own business? Making a career change?

This conference has what you’re looking for! Two amazing days designed to help you move forward.

Day 1: Saturday, May 7, 2022

Our keynote speaker will cover the elements of forming a humorous speech and improvising. First time anywhere in Toastmasters International!

Our panel of Innovators will share how they went from idea to successful formation & take YOUR questions on how to launch, overcome roadblocks, next steps, and more!

Topped off by our District 101 EVALUATION CONTEST.

We’ll also have our spectacular HALL OF FAME to recognize members and clubs across the district. And our Business Meeting.


8:30 am: Doors Open

9:00 am: Welcome by District Leaders

9:30 am: Keynote Speech by Sean Conroy – “If At First You Fail, Succeed!”

10:15 am: Break

10:30 am: Entrepreneurs Panel Discussion

11:20 am: Hall of Fame – with lunch

12:30 pm: District Business Meeting: Club Presidents and VPEs are required to attend this meeting.

3:00 pm: Evaluation Contest

4:45 pm: Wrap-Up

Day 2: Sunday, May 8, 2022

Breakfast with a Pro! Bring your Humorous Speeches and be ready to share. Our guest will offer you feedback to help bring additional humor to your speech!

Our Panel of Executives will share information on how to successfully launch a career change, including moving to a new company and moving ahead. They will take YOUR questions on how to launch, overcome roadblocks, next steps, and more!

This is the outside-of-the-box Conference you’ve been waiting for. Join us on Saturday May 7th & Sunday May 8th Virtually from anywhere in the world.

Register Here – https://d101tm.org/conference/


8:30 am: Doors Open

9:00 am: Executives Panel – Career Conversations

10:30 am: Break

10:45 am: Breakfast with the Pro – Workshop with Sean Conroy

11:30 am: Break

12:00 pm: International Speech Contest

3:00 pm: Wrap-Up


“If At First You Fail, Succeed!”

Sean Conroy is acerbic, self-lacerating, and constantly annoyed at himself and  everybody else, but always manages to sneak in a healthy dose of silliness and  joyful charm. Splitsider.com describes him as “intimidatingly smart, intimidatingly funny, and just plain intimidating.” He’s written for television for almost two decades, most recently as head writer for the shows Momma Named Me Sheriff and Mr. Pickles for Adult Swim, and Gentleman Lobsters for Seeso. Prior to those, he wrote for many other shows including Key & Peele and Love Inc.. As a stand-up comedian, Sean has performed on Conan and Comedy Central. As an improviser, he was a founding member of the first-ever house team at The Upright  Citizens Brigade Theater, legendary improv group “The Swarm,” and has been a regular in the UC Berkeley’s flagship show ASSSSCAT for almost twenty years. (In fact, UCB asked him to perform with them in the live show they recorded for Shout Factory, still available on DVD.) His one-man show, Taught, about the six years he spent teaching junior high school science in New York City, was selected for the HBO Comedy Festival in Aspen, Colorado. He’s hosted over 400 episodes of his podcast, The Long Shot, which the AV Club calls “rollicking” and “a consistent delight”. He enjoys ship novels, is a Kentucky Colonel, and has three sock drawers.  

Sean has been a television writer for over a decade (Key & Peele, Crossballs, Dog Bites Man, Gentlemen Lobsters, Players, Love Inc.), most recently finishing up his third season as head writer of Adult Swim’s cult favorite Mr. Pickles, about a dog who’s sort of like Lassie, except he worships Satan and is a serial killer. He  enjoys good coffee, mediocre whiskey, and ship novels. Check out his website at  seanconroy.com, follow his 2017 tour at worldssmallestgiant.com, and follow him  on IG and Twitter at @seanconroy. 

Sean Conroy


Innovator: a person who introduces something new or does something for the first time: that person is a true pioneer and innovator who always pushes the boundaries and follows her or his visions.

What does an innovator know that may be worth remembering? What are the lessons we can learn or be reminded of from an Innovator? What about two Innovators? Three?

The Innovators panel is here to share a sneak peek into their own journey to go from daydream to details to launch. They not only will share their journey, but are ready, willing, and experienced to answer your questions. Did they meet with frustration? Were they stalled as they moved forward? How did they break free from the ties that slowed or stopped them? Ask your question and then tap into The Power Within You to be the next innovator poised for success.

Apoorva Dornadula

Co-founder and Head of Engineering at Viralspace

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Apoorva Dornadula is a co-founder and Head of Engineering at Viralspace (acquired by Smartly.io), a product bringing visual intelligence super powers to performance marketers. She leads the engineering and AI development at Viralspace where she innovates at the intersection of computer vision, AI explainability, and multimodal machine learning. Apoorva is on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in the Marketing & Advertising category for 2021. Prior to Viralspace, she did her Masters in Computer Science at Stanford University and was a researcher in the Stanford Vision Lab. Apoorva also studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science as an undergrad at UC Berkeley.

Richard Berwick

Founder of Twindom

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Richard is a born and raised San Franciscan who began coding as a child and whose earliest entrepreneurial memories involve selling “information and songs” in Fisherman’s Wharf at just two and a half years old. From childhood to college, Richard started and ran multiple businesses in his teens including, but not limited to, a web hosting company, an IT service company with hundreds of Bay Area clients, and an online electronics resale business. Wanting to complement his technical background, Richard attended the Haas School of Business at Berkeley where he graduated as valedictorian. In the years after graduating, he co-founded Twindom, a 3D scanning company, then Drapr, the virtual try-on company that was recently acquired by Gap, Inc to build the future of fit for their brands.

Richard Berwick started a 3-D printing company called Twindom  https://web.twindom.com/ Business slowed down during the pandemic. Local venture capitalist Tim Draper was funding his project and Richard and his team pivot and use the 3-D scanning technology for virtual fitting. They got a few clients such as “Untuck it” and a few others. The GAP got wind of their technology and wanted exclusive rights – so a nice offer was made and the group was sold to “Gap Inc”.

Sowmiya Narayanan

Co-founder and CTO of Lily AI

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Sowmiya Narayanan is the co-founder and CTO of Lily AI. 

She previously worked in technology leadership and software engineering roles at Box, Pocket Gems, Yahoo! and Texas Instruments, and has a Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Texas Austin.


Career Strategies

Executive: Having the power to put plans, actions, or laws into effect.

Stepping up in one’s career can seem difficult. The same is true if one is considering changing industries. But it doesn’t have to be daunting, particularly if one considers the wisdom these experts will share on how to make it happen.

The skills and secrets these three executives will share can give a person the courage to step up and move forward to pursue one’s dream to make that career transition a reality. This panel will help each member connect to The Power With YOU.

Matt Zeeman

Director of Software Support in the Financial Services Global Business Unit at Oracle

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Matt Zeeman, is a Director of Software Support in the Financial Services Global Business Unit at Oracle. She lives in the sleepy town of Sausalito just north of Golden Gate Bridge with her husband and two children, one of which is away at Grad School. She was a Software Developer who craved people contact and now runs a global team of nearly 30 people working with many customers across the world. Networking and serving others is so fulfilling that she has dedicated most of her time even outside of work to do this. She is a strong believer in the power of connections and empathy which helps her accomplish many goals daily. Matt has many interests and boils it down to being curious about life, so you’ll find her surfing YouTube in order to learn something new. Matt speaks four languages which she uses to connect with different cultures.

Tanu Pant

Founder and CEO of The White Mulberry

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Tanu Pant is an entrepreneur with a passion for building businesses with social impact. She is the founder and CEO of The White Mulberry,  an online marketplace for responsible gifting that creates exceptionally beautiful gifts by curating handcrafted products exclusively from small businesses across the world. Each gift purchased from this platform generates direct income for 4-8 small businesses.

Tanu was the President of the Stanford Sloan Partners Program and led several initiatives for the Sloan Partner community at Stanford University GSB. She has been associated with several other prestigious organizations internationally including the Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) and the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC). Her social impact has spanned leadership roles in several non-profit organizations working on issues ranging from communities in conflict, diminishing local cultures due to urbanization, the welfare of street children and networking for senior citizens. She has been an invited speaker at the British Council and also several women’s entrepreneurship events.

Tanu runs a non-profit “The Open Cocoon”, which works towards leveraging international tourism as a strong driving force for the social and economic upliftment of local populations across the world. Their mission is to be a catalyst for harnessing this potential and perpetuating tangible benefits.

Uma Welingkar

SVP, Global Head of Products at Infor

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Uma Welingkar is the SVP, Global Head of Products at Infor. She is responsible for the Product Management and Operations for all applications at Infor. Her team drives the strategy and roadmap for Infor Industry solutions working with Industry strategists and General Managers responsible for the various industries. She has worked at both startups and enterprise tech companies including Siebel and Oracle starting as an engineer and then moving into the product role. In her prior role at 3VR the team was working with companies to using video analytics to predict outcomes. She is passionate about early education and volunteering to drive equal opportunity for all especially in technology.

She has a master’s in Mathematics from University of Memphis and Mechanical Engineering from University of Bombay.


May 7, 12:30 – 1:30 PM

“Leadership Phobia” with Elliotte Mao

Do you or your club suffer from Leadership phobia? Do you find yourself avoiding meetings or eye contact around election time? Have you honed your Table Topics skills to name 3 things as to why you don’t have the time or the qualifications to be the President, the District Director, or the TMOD?

Not to worry! You’re not alone. Join hundreds of fellow leadership phobics who have found themselves shackled or shunned by aggressive recruiters to accept an officer roles that ‘nobody wanted’ or serve that position again!

There is hope. There is a remedy. Come to a workshop conducted by the Tai Chi master of Leadership Elliotte Mao, DTM4.

Elliotte Mao is a 4X Distinguished Toastmaster who has held every officer position in 5 different clubs, chaired two Conferences, served as Area and Division Director, and the current Club Coach Chair. She is a candidate for District 4’s PQD and would love to share the secret to turning leadership phobia to euphoria!

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