2020-2021 Newsletters and District Director Messages

Read the past 2020-2021 District 101 newsletters and District Director Vaibhav’s messages below.

District 101 Newsletter
Events & programs, new blogs & content

December 2020 newsletter
TLI and Club officer news, blog and podcast updates

November 2020 newsletter
Includes the Fall Fusion winners and replay

October 2020 newsletter
Club Consulting & Club Ambassadors

September 2020 newsletter
Calls for club mentors and coaches

August 2020 newsletter
TLI, business meeting, and COT

July 2020 newsletter
Recognition programs

A Message from Vaibhav
A monthly message to members

September 2020 message
The Victory is in the Try

August 2020 message
Create your Story

July 2020 message
At your Service