101% Toastmaster

by Rita Barber

This year, for only a brief time, District 101 is sponsoring a great recognition program for its members: The 101% Toastmasters. This is a program that allows our best members to shine by sharing with others what they’ve received from Toastmasters, namely the ability to communicate and lead better, as well as taking a deep-dive into learning more in a number of disciplines aimed to help in one’s career.

Why would you jump in and become a 101% Toastmasters?

1. You will provide immeasurable support to people whose lives will be enlarged by the ability to be comfortable and competent public speakers. You will motivate people who might otherwise have never thought about or had a chance to join a Toastmasters Club.
2. You will gain friendships that you will treasure, perhaps for the rest of your life.
3. You will feel a sense of accomplishment, a sense of benefitting yourself without having done it for selfish reasons.
4. You will have achieved a step necessary in becoming a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest and most cherished rank.

How will District 101 recognize you as a 101% Toastmasters?

1. District 101 will feature you, our 101% Toastmaster, in podcasts to share their creativity and brilliance in starting a club.
2. You will be featured in our website and newsletters as a member that goes over and above as a District 101 member.
3. You will be recognized at our Annual Conference for your contribution to so many people who have benefitted from your sharing Toastmasters with them.
4. You will receive a recommendation from our District Director on your LinkedIn profile for your contributions.

Ideas for New Clubs:

1. Community Clubs. Have a club in your community already? What time do they meet? Would another time or day be helpful?
2. Corporate Clubs. Does your company have a club? Could your company use another club specifically for a particular department or to cover a certain area or time?
3. Specialty Club. A newer breed of clubs. Think about a specialty you’re interested in, such as Sales & Marketing, and you could have the making for a special club.
4. Advanced Clubs. Taking Toastmasters to the next level, including longer projects, focus on speaking outside of Toastmasters.

This is a terrific first for our district and an opportunity to start your year off with a bang. One more item: You don’t have to do this alone. Our Club Growth Team is there to help you, including partnering you with other Toastmasters with a similar club idea as yours. You can make this happen! Just reach out to our Club Extension Chair, Rita Barber, at newclub@d101tm.org, and let’s get this started!

Written by: Rita Barber DTM, PDG, Leadership 101